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The Gateway will start shipping in Q2 2022


Hydraulic Front Suspension with Fork Stabilizer
The Gateway’s burly hydraulic front forks will give you extra support when it comes to bumps in the street or the off-road beat. The stabilizer assists you in keeping that front suspension in line.


Advanced Pedal-Assist Technology
Both the Gateway and Gateway Booster come standard with pedals and pedal-assist technology. If you want to pedal, you can. Just set the pedal assistance you want on the monitor.


Removable Aluminum Alloy Battery with Lock
No more unsightly batteries. The Gateway’s lightweight lithium-ion battery weighs in around 13 lbs. It's easily removed or swapped out with a lock built right into the bike for added security. The design allows for a sleek and near-incognito integration into the frame.


Matrix LCD Display
Need to know the time? Got it. How about how far you have gone on your ride? Yep. Range, amps, miles per hour, battery, power assist, and odometer? You already know the answer.


Monday Motorbikes Signature Headlight
Safety has to be a key factor in design--that includes seeing where you are going and being seen during your ride. Whether it is day or night the Monday Motorbikes signature LED headlight has a tremendous amount of illumination. Whether you are on-road, off-road, day, or night you can rest assured you will be seen just as easily as you can see where you are going.


Extended Seat
The Gateway provided top-notch rider support with its sleek extended seat design. Want to scoot close to the handles for a more upright ride position or farther away for a more sporty ride? Doesn't matter - we're thinking about your butt.


Rear Hub Motor and Rear Shocks
The Gateway’s zippy rear-hub motor and complimenting shocks provide responsive throttle control and acceleration without sacrificing comfort. Able to reach speeds up to 28 MPH on the Gateway and 35 MPH with the Gateway Booster, it's an amazing ride experience.

Gateway Motorbike

SKU: 217537123517253
  • Top Speed:
    Up to 20 mph (500W) 
    Up to 35 mph (750W)

    48V, 14Ah (500W) 
    48V, 17Ah (750W)

    Charge time:
    4-5 hrs

    Up to 40 miles (500W)
    Up to 50 miles (750W)

    67 lbs.

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