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Things You Didn't Know About Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco, Texas 

Since its founding in 1885, the Dr. Pepper Museum has been a Waco landmark. The museum is dedicated to the history and preservation of the Dr. Pepper soft drink. The museum is located in the former plant where the drink was first produced. Visitors can see the original equipment used to make the drink and learn about the company's history. Learn information about Waco tx.


The museum is open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Admission is free for children under six and $5 for adults. Seniors and students with ID can get in for $4.50. Discover facts about A Day Trip to the Waco Mammoth National Monument.

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The museum offers a unique look at the history of one of America’s most popular soft drinks. Dr. Pepper was invented in 1885 by Charles Alderton, a pharmacist at Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store in Waco, Texas. Alderton’s boss, Wade Morrison, is credited with coming up with the name Dr. Pepper.


The original Dr. Pepper recipe is still a closely guarded secret. Only a handful of people know the recipe. What is known is that the drink contains 23 different flavors, including those of prunes, vanilla, and licorice.


The Dr. Pepper Museum is worth a visit if you’re a Dr. Pepper fan or interested in soft drink history. The museum is home to the world’s most extensive collection of Dr. Pepper memorabilia, ranging from vintage ads and bottles. The museum also has a soda fountain where visitors can sample Dr. Pepper made with the original recipe. The soda fountain is located in the museum’s soda jerks café, which also serves lunch.

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